C6 Zero is a green manufacturer that uses construction and demolition (C&D) post-consumer asphalt shingles as raw materials to manufacture high value refined oil, aggregate, and fiberglass. Our unique and patented technology and manufacturing processes are environmentally sensitive and cost effective.  We deliver a sustainable management program and solution for C&D asphalt shingle waste and re-introduce the products back into the market.

NAICS: 325998

Collection of Asphalt Shingles

Working with communities, manufacturers, contractors, and other sources we collect post consumer asphalt shingle construction and demolition materials.


Our proprietary process cleanly and efficiently remanufactures the C&D into refined oil, clean aggregate, and clean fiberglass for delivery to industry, construction, and consumer customers.

Delivery to Market

We transport our feedstock and products with logistics partners cleanly and efficiently. We strive to place our products in service regionally to conserve transportation energy consumption.

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