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Read below to find out what C6-Zero is all about. Starting a revolution in the circular economy.

For The Future

Hello, and welcome to C6-Zero.

C6-Zero is American ingenuity and innovation at its best, taking one of America’s most common landfill and environmental risks – asphalt shingles – and remanufacturing them into carbon-negative products. 


Howard Brand, C6-Zero’s founder, has spent decades in the refined petroleum industry. His experience has given him the unique knowledge to develop the process of Advanced Manufacturing of used asphalt roofing shingles, while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint.


When you think about it, most U.S. homes as well as a good portion of the world, use some form of asphalt shingles. When they are replaced, what happens to the used shingles? Can they be remanufactured?


The answer is “YES,” but this wasn’t an overnight solution. It has taken years of research and millions of dollars in development costs to perfect the revolutionary proprietary process that enables C6-Zero to not only safely prevent millions of tons of used asphalt shingles from being placed in American landfills, but also to help other industries implement sustainability programs and reduce their carbon footprint. 

It started as an unknown equation that would hold the key to Advanced Manufacturing of used asphalt shingles into their native materials to be used again in a sustainable manner, making C6-Zero a leading-edge participant in the Circular Economy. 


C6-Zero’s proprietary, patented process is environmentally sensitive, cost effective and carbon friendly. The process falls under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Pollution Prevention Program National Emphasis Area 2. The Advanced Manufacturing process produces High Grade Fuel, Fiberglass, and Aggregate. All three products are returned to the marketplace, with ZERO waste.


C6-Zero isn’t just creating new uses for old products. We are committed to the communities where we live and work, enabling new opportunities, with good, well-paying jobs and helping to reduce climate change for our planet. 

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