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A Circular Economy

Hello All,


One of the world’s largest conferences on climate change is currently taking place in Egypt (COP27). The media is focused on the geopolitical dynamics of this meeting. While many countries are still attempting to shape policies that allow them to meet commitments to cut their carbon output, there are tens of thousands of public and private companies around the world that are already working – and succeeding – at setting achievable carbon reduction goals.


These goals are being set to take advantage of the voluntary carbon credit market, which is built on activities such as tree planting, solar power projects, wind turbine projects, upcycling, and the Circular Economy.


C6-Zero is a perfect example of the Circular Economy. Additionally, C6-Zero is becoming part of the voluntary carbon credit market by offering a diesel fuel blending stock with the potential to reduce carbon lifecycle emissions by 24% compared to traditional diesel fuel blending stock.


The voluntary carbon credit market was valued at roughly $2 billion in 2021, almost 4 times the previous year and will be larger in 2022 and 2023 as the circular economy expands. The growth is largely due to a remarkable spillover effect, not unlike the virtuous circle one sees in traditional economic analysis. For example, when a new business opens, it creates a new market, new jobs, new sources of revenue for local, state, and federal taxes, an employee base is created that spends new money in stores and restaurants, new supply chain opportunities for other businesses, etc. That is the traditional spillover effect.


C6-Zero is a true Circular Economy company that creates a different kind of spillover effect, but one that is just as important, if not more so today. We are not only creating new jobs and the economic benefits that come with them; we are reducing the amount of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Additionally, our process reduces the amount of new oil that must be drilled & refined. This in itself-lowers the overall carbon footprint. Through our proprietary process of remanufacturing post-consumer asphalt shingles into new products that will be sold domestically and internationally, we are helping other industries and countries achieve their carbon reduction goals.


As you can tell the future is very bright for C6-Zero. Currently for me it seems like I never have enough time in the day & days seem to flow together. I am though very grateful & excited to be on this path forward in helping create a new industry in the Circular Economy.


As always thank you for reading our blog. If this is your first time, please continue to follow us on our continued journey.




Howard Brand

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