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Moving Forward & Redefining the Circular Economy

Updated: Apr 5


Welcome to the C6-Zero Blog. I have been asked many times. Who or what is C6-Zero? That question in itself is a bit of a loaded one. Is C6-Zero a Fuel company, a Granule company, a Calcium Carbonate company, a Fiberglass company, a Recycling company, a Carbon Credit company, an Environmental company, or a Manufacturing company.


The true answer is we are a NEW, Innovative Manufacturing company who just so happens to produce all of those things.


Being new comes with many challenges. Unfortunately, any new technology is open to skepticism. Most people do not understand us. As with most things in our lives we are expected to be placed in the proper category. For C6-Zero there is no perfect category yet. We are forced to create one because what we do has never been done.


As most of us know America is seeing a petroleum shortage. Most would think this would be a slam dunk for C6-Zero. Our raw product could be considered a waste material by some but to us it is a raw product. We take that raw material & produce a high-grade carbon reduced equivalent to diesel. (GREAT!.....Right?) Again, it’s not that easy. We don’t fit perfectly into that particular category of diesel. The reason we don’t is because our product is dark in colour. Under standard specifications we cannot be considered a true diesel fuel. (Again, because we don’t fit perfectly into the category)


As a society if we want a true circular economy, we must be willing to except new innovations. I have fought almost 7 years to build this technology. I am the proud father of 6 amazing boys. My wife has sacrificed endlessly during these past 7 years. She has watched me & our family be ridiculed for one simple reason, ignorance and fear of innovation.


This past week has been great. Quickly potential customers are reaching out to us asking about our products. For example, I had a customer reach out to me and asked for a sample of our fuel. The customer sent the sample to a lab for a COA (Certificate of Analysis). Then the customer called me and said your fuel is a game changer. The quality along with the preliminary CI reduction is amazing. I of course was not surprised by the result, but it was certainly a moment of pride when I look back at where we started and where we’ve come.


As I stated above, C6-Zero is an innovative manufacturer. We are a true example of the new circular economy. Our future could not look brighter. We have a growing staff full of amazing people, and as for me I have a great support team in my family & partners.


One last thing. The name C6-Zero. What does it mean many ask. C6 is Carbon on the

“Periodic Table”. Zero is for zero carbon of course! It’s all a play on words regarding our carbon reduction.


Thank You for taking the time to read our blog. We hope you continue to follow us.


FYI…… can also follow us on Twitter & please take a look at our press release page as we continue our journey forward.




Howard Brand

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