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Changing Times In The Marine Fuels Industry

Updated: Apr 5

Hello Everyone,

The last few weeks have been truly amazing. I attended the “Petro Spot Maritime Week Americas” Conference in Fort Lauderdale, & the Argus Marine Fuels Summit in Miami. If you missed our previous press release, I was a speaker on a discussion panel at the ARGUS Marine Fuels Summit.


Over the last few years, the maritime shipping industry has become a far more visible industry due to the supply chain crisis. It opened a window to spotlight the vast size of this industry. The industry is much larger than most would expect especially when you consider other aspects of the marine industry such as the cruise industry, and fishing industry. Most of which operate on some form of marine-bunker fuel.


The marine industry is doing a great job at looking towards the future as it searches for other forms of marine fuels with lower CI (Carbon Intensity) scores. The industry is trying to redefine itself quickly as the world looks at all industries to become more environmentally friendly.


As we recently announced, C6-Zero’s Marine-Bunker Fuel Blending Stock has received a preliminary Carbon Intensity Lifecycle Reduction Score of 24%, compared to traditional marine bunker fuels. Our reduction can directly help marine companies attain their greenhouse gas emission reduction goals.


Additionally, it was great to meet with fuel distribution companies, cruise line operators, and other marine industry leaders to understand the challenges they are facing in meeting their carbon reduction goals in these challenging economic and energy times. Most were very encouraged to find a real market solution like ours. Our focus has not only been on helping to clean up the earth, but to help other industries reduce their CI Score by using our unique products.


The last couple of months have been very challenging, not only for me, but also our amazing growing family (Employees). The company is growing very fast. This alone can be incredibly challenging for any company. For C6-Zero the challenges are multiplied many times over as we create a new industry and help define the Circular Economy.


Hey, don’t get me wrong it has also been amazing and a lot of fun. Not very often does a company get the chance to create a new industry. The future for C6-Zero is very bright as the world becomes more environmentally conscious.


Once again thank you all for visiting our blog. Please continue to follow our progress as we move forward.




Howard Brand

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